We are eager to get started with our activities for 2016, but before we do so, we would like to take a moment to reflect on our achievements in 2015.

Staying connected

Webinar Mass Balance: dispelling the mythOur series of themed webinars exceeded our expectations, attracting around 200 attendees over the course of the year. Ranging in topics from Communicating Positive Impact, to Trust & Traceability, Mass Balance: Dispelling the Myths and Climate Change, the webinar series aimed to illustrate UTZ’s activities in a certain area and show how working with UTZ helps you achieve your sustainability goals.

Hot off the press

In 2015 we increased the frequency of our marketing newsletter, That’s Better, sharing insights and inspiration on sustainability marketing straight to your inbox every six weeks. We interviewed partners and shared news of successful campaigns, not to mention many new product launches all around the world. Do you have news to share in 2016? Drop us a line at marketing@utz.org.

A picture is worth a thousand words

The importance of sustainable sourcing can be a difficult concept for many consumers to grasp. Our infographics and social media visuals aim to simplify this and make it more tangible. Whatever their feel good moment, by simply buying and enjoying your UTZ certified coffee, tea or chocolate products, your customers contribute to a better life for farmers and their families.Levan Bang - part of the Coffee Climate Care project - UTZ Certified

And maybe you saw our farmer stories from Vietnam? Who better to tell their story and bring it to life than the farmers themselves!

UTZ_Too-hot-for-chocolate_ENGA case for employee engagement

Employees are a key stakeholder group when it comes to delivering a company’s sustainability strategy. They are the ones who talk to your customers and who implement your programs on the ground. That’s why we launched an employee engagement session that can help get your staff talking about sustainable farming. Kahls Kaffe AB, an importer and producer of coffee and tea in Sweden were among the first to use the materials.

“Before taking the quiz I knew what UTZ was about but now I’ve got some great examples and ideas that make it even easier to communicate about sustainable farming and why it matters to Kahls.” Peter Goodman, coffee purchasing at Kahls.

How much do your employees know about your choice for sustainable sourcing and the UTZ program? Request the materials via marketing@utz.org

Looking forward – what’s in store for 2016?

All of the above and more! We have really enjoyed working more closely with you to provide materials and inspiration on how to integrate sustainability into your brand and corporate communication. This year you can expect more webinars, articles and visuals, all housed in our new Better Business Hub! You are already here so take a look around. We hope you like what you see and would love to hear your feedback.

Get involved!

Would you like to feature on the Better Business Hub? We’d love to hear from you: marketing@utz.org