It’s never been more important to tell your brand’s sustainability story. Research by Edelman shows that 90% of consumers want brands and companies to share their experiences more, including being open and transparent about how their products were sourced and made, but only 10% think they do it well. As a partner to UTZ, your brand already has a great story to tell because buying UTZ cocoa, tea and coffee helps make life better for farmers. But how do you translate the complex topic of sustainability into a simple and meaningful message for your audience? We’ve got three great ideas for giving your sustainability story a boost!

UTZ-Consumer1 – Share the positive impact

Tell your story direct from where you make a difference – the farmer. Using farmer voices brings your story to life in a personal and engaging way. It means consumers don’t just have to take your word for it. They can hear first hand from those involved the difference that sustainable sourcing makes.

Farmer voices work across all channels from printed materials to social media and point of sale. Balisto in France for example has used video to bring the voice of cocoa farmers to consumers and show how joining UTZ has improved crops and livelihoods.

Quote from UTZ certified coffee farmer K.C. Achaiah from IndiaYou can find farmer quotes in our resource library and read 2016 UTZ Impact reportmore about the impact of the UTZ program on farmers’ lives in our Voices from the Field and most recent Impact Report.

2 – Engage your colleagues

It’s not just consumers who care about sustainability. It’s just as important to tell your sustainability story inside your business– it can help attract and retain staff and even improve customer relations. Your colleagues can be powerful advocates for your sustainability work. An Ernst & Young study found that employees are a key driver of sustainability initiatives in many companies. In fact, employees ranked the second most important stakeholder group (behind consumers) when it comes to driving a company’s sustainability strategy. So take them along with you!

We’ve developed a whole host of materials you can use to engage colleagues on sustainable sourcing and to explain why it matters and what the benefits are for farmers and your business. A great place to start is the UTZ coffee and cocoa quiz.employee engagement

3- Be inspired by our tools & materials

There are so many ways to tell your story and we have loads of ideas and materials to get you started. To find inspiration you can take a look at the case studies and examples we selected for you or use our Marketing Toolkit.  The toolkit includes infographics, social media visuals and more that are ready for you to use in your own campaigns – from our infographic on ‘Feel Good Moments’ to our themed materials on topics like climate change and child labor. You can also get involved by liking, sharing and re-tweeting the UTZ social media posts.

Want to know more?

Computer-webinar-massbalanceListen to our recent webinar on boosting your sustainability story. You can listen in English or German or read the handout (also available in English & German).

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