Mariecke van der Glas
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What is the Sector Partnerships Program?

To make sustainable farming the norm, we need to strengthen partnerships within producing communities, throughout supply chains and across sectors. To find out how the UTZ program is working on this we sat down with Mariecke van der Glas, who is responsible for the Rainforest Alliance Sector Partnerships Program.

Voices from the field

Better cocoa for a brighter future. How partnerships accelerate change

Marcel Vernooij from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, discusses the merits of our strategic partnership with the Dutch government, aimed at achieving sustainable cocoa, tea and coffee sectors, by tackling the most critical issues for farmers that go beyond farm level. After visting Côte d’Ivoire he shares his blog

Siriki Diakite
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Does the UTZ label guarantee a child labor free product?

For too long, child labor has been a fact of life in many communities – including the cocoa, coffee, tea, and hazelnut sectors. Siriki Diakité, who leads our work with more than 420,000 farmers in Côte d’Ivoire, explains why guarantees are impossible – but that the UTZ program is leading efforts to eradicate child labor. uses cookies
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