Beth Hearn
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How does the UTZ program contribute to a Better Life?

The Better Life component of the UTZ program is all about improving the lives of workers and farmers around the world. We talk to Beth Hearn, communication specialist, to learn more about the human side of certification and what the UTZ program is doing to make a difference.

Annika Gabriel
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How do I ensure a smooth audit process?

A valid UTZ certificate is essential for buying or selling UTZ products. The UTZ program offers support to help you prepare for your audit, and understanding the roles of key actors is vital. Annika Gabriel, Senior Standard and Assurance Officer, explains more.

Mariecke van der Glas
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What is the Sector Partnerships Program?

To make sustainable farming the norm, we need to strengthen partnerships within producing communities, throughout supply chains and across sectors. To find out how the UTZ program is working on this we sat down with Mariecke van der Glas, who is responsible for the Rainforest Alliance Sector Partnerships Program.

Siriki Diakite
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How does the UTZ program support small-scale farmers?

Small-scale cocoa farmers often struggle to achieve a sustainable livelihood. The UTZ program is designed to benefit all farmers. Siriki Diakité, our West Africa representative explains how our addresses smallholder farmers’ livelihoods. He explains that empowering small farmers in a group is key to creating a positive impact.

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How can my brand use the UTZ label?

In 2018 the UTZ label appeared on more than 15,000 products across 130 countries helping brands to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable sourcing. How can companies use the UTZ label and what is the 3 step process for approving labeling requests? uses cookies
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