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Together with the Global Coffee Platform we want to make the coffee sector long term sustainable. We support the setup of various National Coffee Platforms. Rainforest Alliance’s Christine Hornikal explains how these platforms play an important role in our mission and talks about benefits in Indonesia, Uganda and Honduras.

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Julius Nganga
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Why is gender equality vital for sustainable farming?

Gender equality between men and women is a key component of sustainable farming. Not only is it a human right, it is an effective strategy for economic growth and poverty reduction. Julius Ng’ang’a, country rep. for Kenya explains the current challenges and why it’s so important to work in partnership to reach gender equality.

Joky Francois
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How does the UTZ program address gender issues?

There are at least 560 million female farmers and farm workers in the world, comprising, on average, 43% percent of the agricultural labor force. But they face a multitude of challenges. Gender expert Joky François explains why gender equality is vital for sustainable agriculture, and what the UTZ progarm is doing about it.

Fabian Calvo Romero
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How does integrated pest management work in practice?

Pesticides can be harmful for farmers, consumers and the environment. That’s why on UTZ farms pesticides are only used as a last resort. Fabian Calvo Romero, UTZ’s pest management expert explains how integrated pest management works in practice with examples from around the world.

Daan de Vries
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How can digital technology improve supply chain sustainability?

How can digitization be best used by companies that want to tackle critical issues in their supply chains? Daan de Vries, Chief Innovation & Technology talks about bringing technology and the power of data into sustainable supply chain management and the importance of joining forces to scale up digitization in the field.

Fabian Calvo Romero
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Are UTZ farmers allowed to use pesticides?

Pests and diseases are a constant threat for farmers, but pesticides can be very dangerous. Our pest management expert, Fabián Calvo Romero, explains how UTZ ensures that crops, people, and the planet are all protected.

Henriette Walz
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How is UTZ working to tackle climate change?

Climate change is bad news for coffee, cocoa and tea production with the potential to reduce yields and quality and push up prices. UTZ climate change expert Henriette Walz explains how UTZ is tackling climate change at the farm level and beyond.

Henk van Rikxoort
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How does UTZ use data for innovation?

New technology and big data are changing industries around the world, and they’re also changing the future of UTZ certification. We talked with Henk van Rikxoort about the UTZ first mile innovation program and the growing transparency on sustainability performance.

Wim Spieringhs

What is the UTZ internal management system?

The UTZ certification relies on a system of checks and audits to ensure the requirements of the standard are being followed. While many know about the third-party audits that take place, there is also another part through we ensure the quality of the UTZ standard — the IMS. Find out what the IMS is and how it works. uses cookies
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