Cocoa Certification Data Report 2019

Promising improvements in cocoa assurance and GPS data quality

In 2019, the Cocoa Assurance Plan was implemented. While this contributed to a lower number of UTZ farmers, and estimated certified volumes and area, we have also seen promising improvements in the assurance of our program and a steady demand of UTZ certified cocoa. Check our infographic and report for the latest market insights

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Coffee Certification Data Report 2019

UTZ coffee program remains stable with increased demand

In 2019, the UTZ coffee program remained stable with increased demand and a slight decrease in estimated certified production. The expectation is that demand will continue to increase, driving the supply chain to scale up certified supply. Check our infographic for the latest market insights and download the report.

Certification: cost or investment?

A 2017 study on market potential for certified coffee in Belgium reveals that 3rd party certification could become the norm if large roasters would commit to sustainable sourcing. It also shows that certification schemes should collaborate to help change the perception of certification from a cost to an investment for companies.

Transforming the market for sustainability

To make sector change towards sustainability possible, it all comes down to the commitment of companies. These are some of the forward thinking companies making commitments to 100% sustainable sourcing, using certification to help them reach that goal. Is your company the next one? uses cookies
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