[Infographic] Powerful impact facts made visual

Communicating the impacts of sustainability is one of the most important – and difficult -aspects of moving a company’s sustainability mission ahead. That’s where our new impact facts can help. They are graphic highlights of UTZ achievements you can use to tell your sustainability story.

[Infographic] Breaking down the UTZ certification process

Explaining how the certification process works can be tricky. With so many actors, activities and standards to consider, breaking it all down can take some work. That’s why we did it for you. With this high-level visual certification flow, you can quickly explain the mechanics of certification to colleagues and customers.

[Infographic] A year in review: 2015 annual report facts & figures

Each year we take the time to reflect and look back at the past year’s challenges and successes. With 2015’s annual report out, we highlight the numbers and the impact we’ve been able to make with your help. Use these visuals to communicate the UTZ impact to your stakeholders, internally and externally.

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