UTZ’s hazelnut program launched in 2014 and has more than tripled in size since then. Understanding the program starts with understanding the sustainability concerns facing the sector. As we enter our fifth harvest, Leonie Haakshorst, manager of the UTZ hazelnut program, discusses with us the industry’s main challenges.

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A cup of coffee with...

Josep Novell from Cafés Novell: “The consumer buys coffee because of its quality. If it’s certified, that’s a bonus.”

Josep Novell is CEO of Cafés Novell, a Spanish coffee roaster renowned for innovation. In 2002 the company became Spain’s first UTZ certified brand. We sat down with Josep to chat about the transition and lessons learned. “It’s difficult to explain the topic, but we have an opportunity to differentiate ourselves here in Spain.”

A cup of coffee with…

Daniel Katz, Rainforest Alliance: “Sustainable transformation must be driven by industry leadership and consumer demand”

Daniel Katz, founder and chairman of the board of the Rainforest Alliance, explains how the planned merger with UTZ will be a major step forward for sustainability. “We will have the capacity to integrate our comprehensive vision of sustainability into the supply chains of some of the world’s largest and best-known brands.”

How certification helps Abrabopa build a strong cocoa farmers’ organization

Abrabopa is one of the biggest cocoa associations in Ghana, with over 13,000 members from all the main production areas of the country. Executive Secretary Eliseus Opoku-Boamah shares with us how certification is helping them change their farmers’ lives for the better.

Our main aim is give a proposition to our customers and the industry as a whole that if you partner with us your supply will be secure and you can impact on small farmers’ income and productivity.
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