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The UTZ-Rainforest Alliance merger; a sustainability homecoming

Ria Stout, Chief Regional Officer of the new Rainforest Alliance, wrote UTZ’s first certification standard. She has dedicated her life to both organizations, which are now joining forces to amplify and accelerate sustainability transformation around the world. She sheds her light on the exciting journey.

An auspicious beginning

January 2018 marks an auspicious beginning for the Rainforest Alliance and UTZ, which have just formally merged into a new organization. Han de Groot, the CEO of the new Rainforest Alliance and the former executive director of UTZ, reflects on the shared vision that brought the two organizations together.

The new Rainforest Alliance: an update

In January 2018, UTZ merged with the Rainforest Alliance. We are joining forces because we know that together we can have a greater impact, and be a better partner to our many stakeholders. As the new Rainforest Alliance we are now working hard to build our new organization. Read on for an update on where we are now.

Henriette Walz
Your questions answered

How is UTZ working to tackle climate change?

Climate change is bad news for coffee, cocoa and tea production with the potential to reduce yields and quality and push up prices. UTZ climate change expert Henriette Walz explains how UTZ is tackling climate change at the farm level and beyond.

Voices from the Field

In their shoes: three perspectives on working in hazelnuts

What is it like to be a member of the UTZ hazelnut program in Turkey? Does it change a way of thinking and what does it bring to farmers and workers? We take a walk in the shoes of exporter Şenocak and the farmers Hamza Furtun and Sabahattin Ilgun to find out.

Henk van Rikxoort
Your questions answered

How does UTZ use data for innovation?

New technology and big data are changing industries around the world, and they’re also changing the future of UTZ certification. We talked with Henk van Rikxoort about the UTZ first mile innovation program and the growing transparency on sustainability performance.

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