Program manager Sector Partnerships

To make sustainable farming the norm, we need to strengthen partnerships within producing communities, throughout supply chains and across sectors. To find out how UTZ is working on this and how it relates to certification we sat down with Mariecke van der Glas, who is responsible for UTZ’s Sector Partnerships Program.

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Britta Wyss Bisang

Celebrating the women who grow our cocoa

Meet Léonie Ossa Sona, cocoa farmer in Côte d’Ivoire. Léonie feisty, independent and a born leader. The world needs more strong women like her. On this International Women’s Day Program Director Britta Wyss Bisang celebrates women like Léonie, talks about how far we have come with gender equality and how far we still need to go.

How UTZ drives better wages for farm workers

This month the Global Living Wage Coalition (GLWC) published its 10th living wage benchmark, a significant step in ensuring farm workers are paid a decent wage. UTZ is committed to improving workers’ conditions and is one of the six standards working with the GLWC. But what exactly are these benchmarks and why are they needed?

Voices from the field

Why quality is the key to future-proof coffee farming

Peruvian coffee farmers are facing new challenges such as climate change. How can they make sure they’re ready for the future? Here they share their secret of good coffee: focus on quality. “Certification means more money to do the extra activities that improve quality and make the cooperative more sustainable for the future.”

Voices from the field

Rooibos: 2 farmers, 6 quick fire questions

Willie Nel owns a large rooibos plantation in Western Cape, South Africa, while father and son team Niklaas and Andries Slinger own a smaller plantation. Both are UTZ certified, but do they face the same benefits and challenges? We fired some quick questions at them to find out.

Voices from the field

A new market for Malawian tea?

Tea prices in Malawi are under pressure and producers are feeling the effects of a changing climate. Marketing & Business Development Manager Wouter Verelst of Satemwa, one of the country’s last family-owned tea estates, explains how they are dealing with the business challenges.

Voices from the field

Better cocoa for a brighter future. How partnerships accelerate change

Marcel Vernooij from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, discusses the merits of a strategic partnership between the Dutch government and UTZ, aimed at achieving sustainable cocoa, tea and coffee sectors, by tackling the most critical issues for farmers that go beyond farm level. After visting Côte d’Ivoire he shares his blog

Voices from the field

Passionate and proud: meet hazelnut farmers Orhan and Özer

It’s inspirational to meet farmers committed to sustainable farming and hear their story. Turkish farmers Orhan Güler and Özer Akbaşlı are members of our hazelnut sustainability program. They are keen to explain what motivates them and share their experiences of farming life. uses cookies
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