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Anne Dullemeijer
Your questions answered

What is the reach of UTZ?

The UTZ program has an enormous reach. In fact, it is the world’s biggest certification program for cocoa and coffee. But just how big is it? What are the different ways it can be measured? Data analyst Anne Dullemeijer looks at the 2016 data and explains.

Henriette Walz
Your questions answered

Why is sustainable coffee better for the environment?

We take a look at the concrete benefits of sourcing sustainable coffee with Henriette Walz, Climate Change & Environmental Expert at UTZ. Plus, we hear from some of the farmers in the field about the benefits they’ve seen.

Indira Moreno Echeverri
Your questions answered

How does integrated pest management work in practice?

Pesticides can be harmful for farmers, consumers and the environment. That’s why on UTZ farms pesticides are only used as a last resort. Indira Moreno Echeveri, UTZ’s pest management expert explains how integrated pest management works in practice with examples from around the world.

Henriette Walz
Your questions answered

Why is sustainable cocoa better for the environment?

It’s a good question. What actually makes sustainable cocoa the better choice? Henriette Walz, Climate Change & Environmental Expert at UTZ explains how you concretely support the environment by sourcing sustainable cocoa.

Britta Wyss Bisang

Celebrating the women who grow our cocoa

Meet Léonie Ossa Sona, cocoa farmer in Côte d’Ivoire. Léonie feisty, independent and a born leader. The world needs more strong women like her. On this International Women’s Day Program Director Britta Wyss Bisang celebrates women like Léonie, talks about how far we have come with gender equality and how far we still need to go.

How UTZ drives better wages for farm workers

This month the Global Living Wage Coalition (GLWC) published its 10th living wage benchmark, a significant step in ensuring farm workers are paid a decent wage. UTZ is committed to improving workers’ conditions and is one of the six standards working with the GLWC. But what exactly are these benchmarks and why are they needed?

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