“15 years ago, it was an inspiration for us to go through difficult times and see the light at the end of the tunnel. UTZ made us stronger, and connected to the world. Now it’s a critical mass that’s taking over, and it’s inspirational.” Reflections of the first UTZ coffee farmer in Colombia as we celebrate 15 years of UTZ.

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The Better Business Hub is your knowledge platform for market insights and inspiration for sustainability communication.

Find case studies from our customers, tools and ideas to explain your choice for sustainable sourcing.

UTZ and the Rainforest Alliance announce merger

UTZ and the Rainforest Alliance have announced their intention to merge. As a truly global organization, we will have a greater reach and stronger voice, creating even more impact for farmers, communities, and our planet. And a greater ability to provide you with better services and solutions to your challenges.

3 steps to find the perfect angle for your sustainability story

When you partner with UTZ, there’s a lot you can be doing to tell your sustainability story. In our three step guide, we explain how the UTZ wheel helps you pinpoint your company’s unique sustainability angle and how you can make use of our resources to add weight to your story and strengthen your messaging.

UTZ easily explained in 9 icons

Don’t know how to quickly explain what UTZ is to colleagues or consumers? It’s now easier than ever! The UTZ wheel breaks down the UTZ program in one bold graphic and nine bite-sized videos.

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