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Together with the Global Coffee Platform we want to make the coffee sector long term sustainable. We support the setup of various National Coffee Platforms. Rainforest Alliance’s Christine Hornikal explains how these platforms play an important role in our mission and talks about benefits in Indonesia, Uganda and Honduras.

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Whether you work in sourcing, CSR or marketing, here you find out more about the benefits of sustainable sourcing.

To learn more about Rainforest Alliance’s certification program, visit The Frog Business Blog.

UN climate report sounds the alarm: planet at a critical turning point

The UN IPCC climate report makes it clearer than ever before: we are at a critical point for the future of the planet. RA’s climate director weighs in on how the natural climate solutions emphasized in the report—like those at the heart of our mission— are essential to limiting the global temperature rise below the 1.5 degrees.

An auspicious beginning

January 2018 marks an auspicious beginning for the Rainforest Alliance and UTZ, which have just formally merged into a new organization. Han de Groot, the CEO of the new Rainforest Alliance and the former executive director of UTZ, reflects on the shared vision that brought the two organizations together.

Henriette Walz
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How is the UTZ program working to tackle climate change?

Climate change is bad news for coffee, cocoa and tea production with the potential to reduce yields and quality and push up prices. Climate change expert Henriette Walz explains how the UTZ program is tackling climate change at the farm level and beyond.

Henriette Walz
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Why is certified coffee better for the environment?

We take a look at the concrete benefits of sourcing sustainable coffee with Henriette Walz, Global Lead Deforestation. Plus, we hear from some of the farmers in the field about the benefits they’ve seen.

Henriette Walz
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Why is certified cocoa better for the environment?

It’s a good question. What actually makes certified cocoa the better choice? Henriette Walz, Global Lead Deforestation, explains how you concretely support the environment by sourcing certified cocoa.

Mariecke van der Glas
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What is the Sector Partnerships Program?

To make sustainable farming the norm, we need to strengthen partnerships within producing communities, throughout supply chains and across sectors. To find out how the UTZ program is working on this we sat down with Mariecke van der Glas, who is responsible for the Rainforest Alliance Sector Partnerships Program.

Everything you need to know about tea

You might have it every morning for breakfast or in the afternoon with biscuits, but what do you really know about it? We go over all you need to know about tea — what it is, where its grown, how its produced and the challenges facing the industry.

Voices from the field

Why quality is the key to future-proof coffee farming

Peruvian coffee farmers are facing new challenges such as climate change. How can they make sure they’re ready for the future? Here they share their secret of good coffee: focus on quality. “Certification means more money to do the extra activities that improve quality and make the cooperative more sustainable for the future.”

Voices from the field

Rooibos: 2 farmers, 6 quick fire questions

Willie Nel owns a large rooibos plantation in Western Cape, South Africa, while father and son team Niklaas and Andries Slinger own a smaller plantation. Both are UTZ certified, but do they face the same benefits and challenges? We fired some quick questions at them to find out.

Voices from the field

Better cocoa for a brighter future. How partnerships accelerate change

Marcel Vernooij from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, discusses the merits of our strategic partnership with the Dutch government, aimed at achieving sustainable cocoa, tea and coffee sectors, by tackling the most critical issues for farmers that go beyond farm level. After visting Côte d’Ivoire he shares his blog

Coffee Climate Care project

Three years and 1400 people: learning how to tackle climate change

For 3 years, UTZ has been running the Coffee Climate Care project in Vietnam, aimed at empowering coffee farmers to adapt to climate change while also mitigating the coffee sector’s contribution to the problem. Now the project has come to an end, we ask Henriette Walz, our Climate Change expert about the outcome and next steps.

Coffee Climate Care project

The faces behind the story Part II – Dak Lak, Vietnam

Aiming at training coffee farmers in Vietnam to be able to adapt to climate change effects but also mitigate their contribution to it, UTZ and the DE Foundation have been working on the Coffee Climate Care Project (C3) for the last 3 years. Meet some of the farmers and trainers working in the project.

Climate Change – a good story to tell

Many consumers aren’t aware that by choosing UTZ coffee, cocoa and tea they’re helping farmers adapt to climate change. That’s because UTZ training and climate projects give farmers the knowledge and tools they need to cope with changing rainfall patterns and rising temperatures. Want to get the climate message out to customers? We have a […]

Coffee Climate Care project

The faces behind the story Part I – Lam Dong, Vietnam

From Lam Dong to Dak Lak, meet some of the UTZ farmers tackling climate change. As part of the Coffee Climate Care project in Vietnam, these farmers attended field school, receiving training on climate change impacts in the region, causes of climate change, and adaptation practices. More specifically, the training sessions cover

Coffee Clima­te Ca­re project

From the Vietnamese highlands, a story about coffee and sun

To combat the rising temperatures and extreme weather patterns producers in Vietnam are facing due to climate change, UTZ has been running a 3 year project to help producers recognize and identify the risks they face and introduce measures that will enable them to adapt.

In a way, climate change makes sustainable practices a necessity

Climate change and the bottom line

Recent research by the UK’s Carbon Trust shows that four out of five companies now believe that a changing climate and resource scarcity are likely to impact their bottom line. In fact, over half those surveyed felt that they would have to fundamentally change their products, services and business models to become environmentally sustainable. Recognising […]

Great taste, strong ethics at Plamil

Plamil Foods UK puts the quality and purity of ingredients at the heart of its business. It is known for its dairy free, vegan and sugar free chocolate products which it manufactures on site and sells to consumers and wholesale customers. Its factory is powered by 100% renewable energy and it has been offering customers […]

Major ingredients such as cocoa are carefully chosen for high production standards. It is for this reason we purchase UTZ certified cocoa.
Voices from the field

Global media coverage for ‘Energy from coffee wastewater’ project

They say that seeing is believing, but most of us will never get to see for ourselves the difference we can make by choosing sustainable coffee, cocoa or tea. Press coverage can be the next best thing, giving farmers a voice and bringing their stories to life for people around the world. That’s why we […] uses cookies
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