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Phan Ha
Your questions answered

What is the reach of the UTZ program?

The UTZ program has an enormous reach. In fact, it is the world’s biggest certification program for cocoa and coffee. But just how big is it? What are the different ways it can be measured? Phan Ha looks at the 2018 data and explains.

UTZ Statistics Report 2018: Coffee

Continued growth in certified coffee market

The UTZ coffee program continues growing remarkably. In 2018 we saw a significant increase of certified coffee sales, and estimated production volumes expanded substantially. Check our infographic for the latest market insights and download the full report.

UTZ Statistics Report 2018: Cocoa

Stabilizing supply and demand for certified cocoa

The 2018 UTZ Cocoa Statistics Report shows further strengthening of our existing certified supply chains with stabilizing supply of and demand for certified cocoa. Check our infographic for the latest market insights and download the full report.

The Rainforest Alliance launches cocoa assurance plan in West Africa

The Rainforest Alliance is committed to driving positive impacts in the cocoa sector in West Africa and other cocoa growing regions around the world. Over recent years, the UTZ and the Rainforest Alliance cocoa programs have expanded significantly and with that expansion comes greater responsibility.  In May 2018 following the merger with UTZ, the Rainforest […]

Voices from the Field

Leveling the field for women in coffee

Gender equality is vital to reach sustainable agricultural sector. As part of the Rainforest Alliance’s UTZ Sector Partnerships Program we brought together people from partner organizations – from grower association representatives to non-profit leaders – who learned five tools to identify gender gaps in coffee supply chains.

Be part of the Alliance: join our new standard consultation

We have launched the first round of public consultation for the new Rainforest Alliance certification standard. An esstial step to creating a stronger approach to certification. Your feedback is of key importance for us, so please join us by taking part in our consultation.

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