Chief Innovation & Technology Officer

Daan is responsible for the innovation of the UTZ programs and systems, and new service development. This includes extending UTZ certification to other products, partnering on special sustainability programs with leading companies in the sector, and the development of ICT for agriculture. Daan joined UTZ in 2007. He led the development and launch of the UTZ cocoa program in 2009, which has since grown into the world’s largest third-party sustainability program for cocoa.

Blogs by Daan

Daan de Vries
Your Questions Answered

How can digital technology improve supply chain sustainability?

How can digitization be best used by companies that want to tackle critical issues in their supply chains? Daan de Vries, Chief Innovation & Technology Officer talks about bringing technology and the power of data into sustainable supply chain management and the importance of joining forces to scale up digitization in the field.

Daan de Vries
Your questions answered

My company doesn’t want to switch to sustainable sourcing. So what?

If your company hasn’t yet been able to make the switch to sustainable commodities, it may be hurting your business in ways you haven’t considered. The risks of conventionally sourced commodities are discussed by former UTZ’ Markets Director Daan de Vries, along with the solutions sustainable sourcing provides. uses cookies
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