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Shorter name, bigger impact

From 4 January, 2016 UTZ Certified becomes UTZ. Certification remains the most important element of our work but we have also seen that some problems affecting farmers cannot be addressed through certification alone.

Terms of use

This disclaimer (Terms of use) contains the terms of use for the UTZ website (www.utz.org) that is owned and managed by Stichting Rainforest Alliance, also known as UTZ, and its subsidiary Rainforest Alliance B.V., also known as UTZ, both legal entities incorporated under Dutch law. By using the UTZ website, you accept the terms of […]

How can my brand use the UTZ label?

In 2019, you could find UTZ labeled products in 130 countries. Around 1300 companies sourced UTZ certified cocoa, coffee, and tea. How can companies use the UTZ label and what is the 3 step process for approving labeling requests?

Shorter name, bigger impact

We like to keep things simple for consumers – simple to choose sustainable tea, coffee and cocoa and simple to support sustainable farming. So we’re making our name simpler too.

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  • Labeling und Trademark Policy Juni 2017
  • Labeling and Trademark Policy | summary
  • Labeling and Trademark Policy June 2017
  • Guidance Document: Labeling Request in MultiTrace for UTZ members
  • Orientações para requerimentos de uso de logo em embalagens
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