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What is changing in UTZ’s mass balance rules for cocoa?

Since the launch of the UTZ cocoa program in 2009, we have focused on scaling up the market for sustainable cocoa. Mass balance has played a major role in bringing the benefits of certification to more farmers. But as sustainability steps out of the niche, what’s the future of mass balance?

5 things you need to know about mass balance

When talking about sourcing UTZ certified cocoa, the term ‘mass balance’ comes up naturally. But what is mass balance, exactly? Maybe you have a rough idea but you’d struggle to explain it to someone else. Or maybe you’ve never even heard of it. Either way, here are five things you need to know and tools to help you explain.

Mass Balance in cocoa

In order to bring the benefits of certification to as many cocoa farmers a possible, UTZ uses a system called ‘mass balance’. What does ‘mass balance’ mean? In the cocoa industry, cocoa beans are generally supplied in bulk and mixed during shipping and manufacturing, which in most cases makes it impossible to keep certified cocoa […]

Cloetta strives to alleviate cocoa poverty

Cloetta’s worries about the long term quality and quantity of the world’s cocoa supply, along with concerns of impoverished cocoa farmers, led them to seek serious solutions in their new code of conduct. We hear how sourcing via mass balance with UTZ provides an all-round good solution.

What has UTZ achieved in the cocoa program so far?

Celebrate with us the five year anniversary of UTZ certified cocoa! It’s been an amazing journey and we are proud and happy to be working with you and many other partners towards a world where sustainable cocoa is the norm. Several impact studies show that we help create a more positive outcome for farmers, their […]

Traceability levels

There are several different ways that companies can source UTZ certified ingredients. We call these options as ‘traceability levels’, as they refer to how the ingredient can be traced through the supply chain. The three options available in the UTZ program are Identity Preserved, Segregation and Mass Balance. What is ‘Identity Preserved’? ‘Identity Preserved’ means […]

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