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MingS, Albert Heijn, Sperlari, Peterbrooke, LIDL, Christmas

Our partners have launched some exciting new products this month, including a great new coffee range from MingS enabling consumers in China to enjoy UTZ coffee for the first time. Other launches include new single origin coffees at LIDL stores in many countries and a tasty iced tea range from Dutch retailer Albert Heijn. And […]

UTZ certification in China: greater rewards than just increased sales

Hunan Tea Group, China’s 2nd largest tea producer, became UTZ certified and discovered greater rewards than just increased sales. Image, customer trusts and directly participating in sustainable agro-industrial practices have made the company more valued than ever before.

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  • 加入UTZ – 企业需要了解的信息
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  • 核心行为准则 团体认证 清单 1.1 – 2015 (Checklist Group Code of Conduct 1.1)
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