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[Infographic] Powerful impact facts made visual

Communicating the impacts of sustainability is one of the most important – and difficult -aspects of moving a company’s sustainability mission ahead. That’s where our new impact facts can help. They are graphic highlights of UTZ achievements you can use to tell your sustainability story.

Do farmers really benefit from joining UTZ?

The UTZ program is all about impact – we exist to help create better farming and a better future. But how do we know that what we do is working? And whether farmers benefit? Our Impact Report helps answer these questions with findings from several studies exploring the impact of the UTZ program.

How the UTZ program empowers farmers to grow better crops

Highlighting the true benefits of the UTZ program starts with understanding one of our basic principles — better crop. We go over how better farming methods actually help farmers grow better crops and share impact materials that back up our claims.

[Infographic] A year in review: 2015 annual report facts & figures

Each year we take the time to reflect and look back at the past year’s challenges and successes. With 2015’s annual report out, we highlight the numbers and the impact we’ve been able to make with your help. Use these visuals to communicate the UTZ impact to your stakeholders, internally and externally.

Measuring impact

Better insight Gaining insight into the impact of the UTZ program is crucial for continuous improvement of our standards. That is why UTZ invests importantly in monitoring and evaluation. UTZ collects data directly from producers at the time of their registration, from auditors during the certification process and through its traceability system. UTZ commissions impact […]

Commissioned studies

Here you can find impact studies commissioned by UTZ, as well as a selection of other studies that look at the UTZ program. Download full reports, read UTZ’ responses to the studies or get a quick overview of the reports’ highlights on our 2 pagers. 2018 Evaluation of UTZ certification focused on coffee businesses in […]

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  • Impact on better crop in the coffee sector in Ghana
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