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UTZ certified hazelnut supply chain actors

This is the list of UTZ hazelnut members certified against the Chain of Custody (Supply Chain Actors). The list is updated at the beginning of each month.
Within the hazelnut program, farmer groups are usually administrated by trading or exporting companies, therefore sometimes these trading or exporting companies are the ones registered in our system.

All members, except for those suspended (see column ‘Status’), hold a valid UTZ license on the date of publication of this list (see subtitle). Suspended members in this list are members whose licenses are effectively suspended on the date of publication of this list. Lists are updated monthly. Suspended members cannot sell their product as certified.

Please note that many UTZ certified members are groups, multi-site or multi-groups, where not all participants are (yet) part of the UTZ program. The list on our website currently features members who are suspended from certification following non-conformities as well as members who have been decertified from the UTZ certification program. If they fail to renew their certification status, decertified members will be omitted from this list after 3 months.

If you need more information about a member, please send an email to membersupport@utz.org including the ID and name of the member.

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