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How can National Coffee Platforms help make the global coffee sector more sustainable?

Together with the Global Coffee Platform we want to make the coffee sector long term sustainable. We support the setup of various National Coffee Platforms. Rainforest Alliance’s Christine Hornikal explains how these platforms play an important role in our mission and talks about benefits in Indonesia, Uganda and Honduras.

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5 years of UTZ hazelnuts: why this is the time for cocoa companies to get on board

Five years after launching the UTZ hazelnut program, it’s now easier than ever for cocoa companies to secure a steady supply of certified hazelnuts for their products. We talk with Leonie Haakshorst, manager of the program, to get an update on where we’re at now, the strides we’ve made and where the program is headed.

UN climate report sounds the alarm: planet at a critical turning point

The UN IPCC climate report makes it clearer than ever before: we are at a critical point for the future of the planet. RA’s climate director weighs in on how the natural climate solutions emphasized in the report—like those at the heart of our mission— are essential to limiting the global temperature rise below the 1.5 degrees.

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Stakeholders in coffee producing countries will benefit from GCP and Rainforest Alliance’s new long-term agreement

The Global Coffee Platform and the Rainforest Alliance have signed today [Nov.8, 2018] a partnership agreement for the next five years to support ‘National Platforms’ in coffee producing countries, as well as to identify opportunities at country level and tackle local priorities. The announcement was made during the Global Coffee Sustainability Conference 2018 taking place […]

National Coffee Platform Launches in Honduras

The Global Coffee Platform, Solidaridad and the Rainforest Alliance, gather to launch the Sustainable Coffee Platform in Honduras. The goal is to offer a collaborative space for the coffee sector to discuss the main challenges in the country. The platform gathers over 30 members from both the private and public sector.

Een leefbaar loon voor iedereen

Een recent rapport dat in Nederland is gepubliceerd zegt dat werknemers in de landbouw onvoldoende verdienen om in hun basisbehoeften te voorzien. De bevordering van betere werkomstandigheden is een essentieel onderdeel van het Rainforest Alliance-programma. Daarom eisen we dat landbouwbedrijven vooruitgang boeken in het betalen van een leefbaar loon aan werknemers. Wij geloven dat een […]

Look and feel like a tree in the rainforest during WFFR 2018

Prize-winning VR project Tree comes to Rotterdam For the first time, the Dutch public will be able to experience the ambitious and prize-winning 4D virtual reality project Tree from October 25 through October 28 during the Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam 2018 (WFFR). During this unique VR experience you can actually feel, smell and see what […]

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