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UN climate report sounds the alarm: planet at a critical turning point

The UN IPCC climate report makes it clearer than ever before: we are at a critical point for the future of the planet. RA’s climate director weighs in on how the natural climate solutions emphasized in the report—like those at the heart of our mission— are essential to limiting the global temperature rise below the 1.5 degrees.

Your Questions Answered

Why is gender equality vital for sustainable farming?

Gender equality between men and women is a key component of sustainable farming. Not only is it a human right, it is an effective strategy for economic growth and poverty reduction. Julius Ng’ang’a, country rep. for Kenya explains the current challenges and why it’s so important to work in partnership to reach gender equality.

Your questions answered

How does the UTZ program address gender issues?

There are at least 560 million female farmers and farm workers in the world, comprising, on average, 43% percent of the agricultural labor force. But they face a multitude of challenges. UTZ gender expert Joky François explains why gender equality is vital for sustainable agriculture, and what the UTZ progarm is doing about it.

Your questions answered

How does integrated pest management work in practice?

Pesticides can be harmful for farmers, consumers and the environment. That’s why on UTZ farms pesticides are only used as a last resort. Fabian Calvo Romero, UTZ’s pest management expert explains how integrated pest management works in practice with examples from around the world.

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Een leefbaar loon voor iedereen

Recent was opnieuw in de media te lezen over het lage inkomen van werknemers in de landbouw: lonen zijn vaak niet genoeg om aan hun basisbehoeften te voldoen. Het is de missie van de Rainforest Alliance om de levensomstandigheden van boeren en lokale gemeenschappen te verbeteren en we werken dan ook hard om meer bewustzijn […]

Look and feel like a tree in the rainforest during WFFR 2018

Prize-winning VR project Tree comes to Rotterdam For the first time, the Dutch public will be able to experience the ambitious and prize-winning 4D virtual reality project Tree from October 25 through October 28 during the Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam 2018 (WFFR). During this unique VR experience you can actually feel, smell and see what […]

The Rainforest Alliance statement on current low coffee prices

International coffee prices have recently hit their lowest levels for 12 years, and according to representatives of coffee producers in Colombia and Brazil are now below production costs.  These declining prices are having a devastating impact on the 25 million coffee families worldwide and on the landscapes they help to manage and depend on. At […]

Earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia

The Rainforest Alliance extends its deepest condolences to the families of those who were killed in the September 28 tsunami in Sulawesi, Indonesia, following a 7.5 magnitude earthquake. We have been watching with dismay as the death toll rises in an area where we have worked for many years. We are also deeply concerned about […]

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