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For coffee, cocoa and tea

In-depth analysis

Gaining insight into the impact of the UTZ program is crucial for continuous improvement of our standards. That is why we invest so heavily in monitoring and evaluation. Looking for more information? Read our full impact report 2016

UTZ certified products are produced in

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In depth studies show the impact of UTZ

Cocoa in Côte D’Ivoire

92% of farmers say they have experienced positive changes from certification.

Coffee in Brazil

More than 90% of farmers are satisfied with UTZ certification and believe it was worth joining the program.

Rooibos in South Africa

UTZ farmers were found to be frontrunners in improved environmental practices

Voices from the field

— Maria Aparecida Silva, owner of Sítio Ribeirão da Onça, coffee farm in brazil

“As head of the family, I have to look at good profitability to make sure we have enough in the future. Only through good management is this possible.”

— Kouassi Kouamé, part of the CAFHS Cocoa Cooperative in Côte D’Ivoire

“I have always worked with cocoa. For 20 years already! My parents, my two brothers are cocoa farmers too. It’s what we do. Thanks to the UTZ program, I make profits.”